Animal Kingdom Interactive Book
Animal Kingdom Interactive Book


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Enjoy and explore the animal kingdom with a new interactive children’s book from Interactive Art. This book is packed full of interactive mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles! More Interactive Children’s Books will be coming soon, including dinosaurs, insects, aquatic animals and others from Interactive Art.

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Animal Kingdom Children's Book

About Animal Kingdom

Through your interactive journey, you will learn about some of the animals with whom we share this amazing planet. Once you have downloaded your iA App, you will be ready to embark on the safari of a lifetime! Grab your passport and pack your bags because you are going on an adventure. Look for the photos in this book that have the colorful thumb print on the upper right-hand corner. Those are the ones that come to life through the App.

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Taking Your Children to An Interactive Zoo

Children are wonderful. They absorb so much information and have an incredible memory for the most specific facts on the most unbelievable topics. It’s always rewarding to be a part of that experience. Critical to that experience is being able to educate them well. After all, if they are taught properly, they will grow up to be responsible adults able to pass on the valuable lessons you teach them today. Animals play a huge role in a child’s education. Children will one day be responsible for the welfare and well-being of animals so being educated about them at a young age will bode well for the future of animals. An interactive book on animals can help your child expand and learn enthusiastically as the pictures come alive when they touch certain control areas in the book. The wonder of it all – this is essentially what discovering animals is all about. And since children are inherently curious, what they personally uncover will be remembered, as opposed to the use of words and one dimensional books. With an animal interactive book, it’s like taking your child on a trip to the zoo or an African safari – to exotic places! Children will learn compassion and kindness towards animals. They will develop a reflex on caring for living things other than their immediate family. It will help them as they grow up and get introduced to the bigger world. Studies show that children who “wonder” at the world tend to be more trusting, trustworthy, and responsible at a deeper level. In fact, in a 1998 study on the relationship between empathy... read more

The Benefits Of Having Interactive Animal Books

They say that a pet in a child’s life is a rite of passage because the choice of pet is an indication of the level of maturity of the child, as diagnosed by the parent or guardian. Of course, some parents also select a pet based on personal reasons such as allergies or available space and time to care for the pet. No matter what the circumstances, parents almost always agree that children should have some exposure to animals and one way to guarantee a child’s education on animals is through reading. A step above traditional books would be interactive books! The benefits of interactive animal books include: Aiding in the emotional development of a child. They offer information on animals interactively, which means that on a digital level, the child is able to interact with the animals in the book. It is not as authentic as having the animal live and in person, but in many cases, animals in the natural habitat are not safe for children. Thus, the interactive book is a wise way to introduce them safely to animals. Providing a time for parent-child or sibling bonding. Parents of adult children do not always have precious memories to fall back on so it’s always a good idea to build as many positive memories as possible with your child. Book reading is a traditional, fun way to remember one’s youthful days. Instilling a love for books. Did you know that children who read books early tend to love reading later in life? They also have a better vocabulary, excellent memory, and are reading at earlier ages. Children... read more